Imagine looking back on your year with goosebumps,
Realizing you’ve accomplished everything exactly as you’ve planned... 

And not only that - you manifested it from alignment, with joy, effortlessness and ease. 

You've felt trusting, like the Universe guided you on your next steps. 

It felt so joyful to move forward to your goals...

It  felt like coming home.

In fact, sometimes it felt almost a bit spooky how precisely your visions manifested...
We don't want to brag, but that's how it's been for us the last few years. 

Not because we’re special or have some extra kind of luck…

But because we've deliberately, joyfully and passionately 
followed our manifestation system.
In the past years alone, we've been able to:
- Grow our email following from 150 close friends to 5000 awesome people

 - Increase our income by 300% and
ave enough money in the bank to live off for multiple years

- Launch two highly profitable online courses with 143 total paying students (32 in the Manifesting Epic Love Academy and 111 in the Abundant Passionpreneur)

- Get a 15K coaching client (Leonie) a day after deciding that she will

- Make an additional €15.000 by the 1st of June (Klemen) while having no idea how to make it happen. 
Reached the goal 2 weeks later. 

- Overcome serious challenges in our relationship (including infidelity) and fall in love deeper than ever before

- Read a book a week (Klemens lifelong goal)

- Have 2900 women join the Live Your Passion Challenge 

- Get fitter than ever before + start working with a personal trainer (Leonie + Klemen)

- Expand our social connections and start hanging with serious A-player friends

- Take multiple weeks completely off per year (while enjoying sleep, sex, jacuzzi, sauna, skiing,
parties with friends, swimming in lakes and trips to the sea)...

- Take extensive time to grow spiritually + feel aligned, satisfied, happy, relaxed and at ease... 
Does THIS sound familiar?
You know you're an epic manifestor, yet you can't seem to manifest your visions without getting distracted or overwhelmed...
You set fresh, exciting goals for the New Year, wanting that big breakthrough year that changes everything…
But less than a month later, as the hype wears out, you get distracted and forget about your goals...

Youtube Cat videos, failed attempts at manifesting your goals make you feel like crawling under your blankets... 

You're still slowly moving forward, but there's something missing...

You've lost your spark, you're not aligned, and you do not feel
motivated on the consistent level you know you could be. ⚡️

You know there's some greater and more powerful force you could be tapping into...

But sometimes, you even wonder if your desired vision is possible, 
or whether you should become more "realistic"...

And when you do that...
You're wasting your precious life doubting yourself,
while people you could help & inspire are out there struggling. 
Here's the truth...
If you don't change something about the way you're approaching manifestation and goal setting, things simply won't change.
 You'll do the same old thing you do every year, and at the end —
you'll look back feeling frustrated you once again didn't reach your goals.

And even if you DO — you were coming from struggle, leaving you feeling empty and drained.
Hell, you might even start resenting the whole idea of
“living your purpose” and manifesting your dreams.
If you don’t create a MASSIVELY ALIGNED VISION, 
have a solid plan and “inner re-alignment” system 
with a vision that touches you deeply and pulls you forth 
(regardless of what your mind tells you), you’ll just never truly thrive

It might sound dramatic, but it’s true. You just won’t.
There will always be something dimming your full freedom, flow and potential.


Facebook Video Cute Cat compilations, Netflix and all the "interesting" blog articles, keeping yourself busy with activities that “feel nice and fun” (but you KNOW aren't fulfilling) will just feel way too compelling. 

And then you’ll try getting back to work, wondering what the hell 
you we’re supposed to be doing and why you have no motivation…


Perhaps you even got tired of motivating yourself, because it feels so fucking empty and superficial.

(If you've been feeling that, you're not alone. 
Compared with what we'll share with you down below, motivating yourself is empty and superficial.)

Nope, we don’t want this to happen to you anymore.
Not in 2019.

This wasn’t what you were built for.
This isn’t what you’re here for.
There's an easier path.
A joyful way to continuously, reliably step beyond your ego, connect to your guidance, feel your souls divine essence, filled with inner peace and gratitude.
Create and serve humanity from the deepest place in your heart, with joy and love.
Manifest your goals with flow and ease.
(You KNOW struggling is not helping anyone. And you know joyfully creating, moving forward and inspiring people around it definitely is. And there’s a way to do that, continuously.)

Let 2019 be the year where everything changes.
Step out of scarcity.
Start trusting & following the guidance of the Universe, trusting yourself, your mission and making things happen. A year where you’re fully engaged & daring.

Ease, prosperity and abundance is your natural destiny.
Its time to start living it.

Introducing... The Live Your BEST Year Ever Training
A simple, proven system to effortlessly manifest 
your wildest dreams and feel guided on your mission.
Here's our secret... 
Every year, we take a week off to complete the previous year and set our new goals for the next one. 
We do this offline with friends, in a gorgeous environment. 
This process has been the key to our success. 

We go through this every year to set our goals that turn us on, makes us feel alive.
We keep on getting back to this whenever we need focus, inspiration and clarity.

1. We get complete with everything we did and didn't do in 2018 in a way that fills us up with joy, gratitude and inner peace. 
So we feel free, like a fresh canvas. This puts the past behind us (vs. unconsciously dragging on in the next year).

 2. We connect to our highest guidance and envision our most inspiring dreams and goals for 2019. Because our goals will be set from pure alignment, intuition and divine guidance, every moment of accomplishing them will feel inspiring, fun and fulfilling to. (Makes us feel like the Universe has our back)


3. We set effortless and joyful ways in place to stay on-goingly aligned, inspired, guided to achieve all of our goals. Staying connected to our highest vision helps replace our insecurities, fears and resistance with trust, faith, clarity, new possibilities and true service of humanity, from your highest self. Coming from this space, unexpected opportunities always come up for us, helping us on your journey.
It’s our GPS for abundance, success and staying guided and resourceful.

This is this first time we’ll share the process with you...

We believe you can have it all.
But in order to reach your goals with joy and ease,
you MUST align yourself accordingly.

Do it with us this year.
And create your best year ever.
Here's the secret to it all...
Manifestation doesn’t take more effort… 
To achieve your goals, you don’t have to “control it all”.
You just need to have crystal clarity and a process that keeps you aligned. 

The universe is always supporting you, even with you looking at this website. 
You just need to hear it's message, trust your guidance and follow it.

Everything is always happening with your best interests in mind.

In order for the universe to hear you in 2019 —
you must start your year with alignment and clarity.


Cut through the noise and distraction and laser-focus on
whats most important to you at your heart...
Our Mission
Our mission is helping you live your most awesome life.
 Our vision: Every single person on this planet having peace of mind and pursuing what they love.
 Its not the global leaders that will change the future. Its we- the people that will.
 When we stop being blinded by fear but instead go forth, creating what we feel most inspired to do and helping each other create abundance on this planet. When theres enough of us living our most epic lives, well end up living on an epic planet.
About Klemen Thomas
Klemen Thomas is a life & relationship coach thats helping thousands of people live their most awesome lives through his online trainings and 1on1 coaching. He’s known as an amazing coach, especially good at helping people find inner peace, deeply connect to their purpose and start designing and living a life where you HAVE IT ALL- in all areas of your life important to you.
"Klemen is hands down one of THE most present, loving and authentic men I have ever come across. The powerful wisdom that he shares holds the keys to not only an extraordinary love life, but also to an empowered way of living from freedom, alignment, abundance and passion."

- Ronja Sebastian, creator of Ecstatic Awakening, Sweden
About Leonie Gabriella
Leonie Gabriella is a business, personal and relationship coach, co-founder of the Abundant Passionpreneur program, Live Your Passion Challenge and a host of Leonie TV. She is inspiring and training thousands to live a life of radiance, bliss and never holding back on releasing whatever is holding you back- in your business as well as your personal empowerment.
"I'm so excited every night when I go to bed, I can't wait to wake up again. After following Leonie's work, I've moved country, I'm living with the man of my dreams in a beautiful, abundant home. We're facilitating retreats and long term programs."

Anika, Co-founder of, The Netherlands
“Happiness, well-being, ease and success are your birthright and your destiny.
All else is a trick of the mind.”
~ Alan Cohen

Join the Live Your Best Year Training and get access to all these trainings:
⭐️ TRAINING 1  ⭐️
Connect to your highest guidance & complete 2018 with inner peace and gratitude (497€)

⭐️ TRAINING 2  ⭐️ 
Set goals for 2019 from your highest self, alignment, love and true service to yourself and humanity (497€)
☎️  LIVE CALL ☎️
How to follow through, stay focused, and continuously choose love over fear while joyfully accomplishing your greatest goals. 🔥 (497€)

Plus, you'll receive these bonuses...
Get Leonie's Sexy Flow Daily Productivity Planner PDF (50€)- first released in public!
Klemen's "Your Best Year Ever" Guided Visualization (297€)

Alignment, Inner Peace & Guidance on Your Mission Resources we use to stay grounded and inspired (197€)

Trusting your guidance starts with the first step.
And perhaps joining this journey might be it?
We don't know. Check for yourself.
Would NOW be a good time for a year where everything changes :) ?

💰 What's the investment? 💰
The total value of this training is:
Considering that you’re likely to experience an increase in productivity 
that will cause you to earn thousands or even tens of thousands more euros, 
feel on fire, inspired and enjoy your life in general much more, on all levels 
(+ the huge amounts of money we’ve spent to learn how to do this) 
we felt 2000EUR would be a fair price to set this up. 

But because we’re feeling the generous Christmas vibes 
(and perhaps because we didn’t give a Christmas gift to anyone yet XD), 
we thought this would be a great place to start. 
So we dropped the price.
We are pricing the Live Your Best Year Ever Training Bundle 
with over 3 hours of content plus bonuses and live call at...

... but hey, you're on our list, and we love you - so we have an extra special price until Christmas only.
That's right. 

If you’re feeling this, there’s really no excuse left for you :) 

What people say:
“Yesterday I lost 6000EUR in the stock market… I felt extremely down… And then I listened to Klemen’s training and my mood was back up immeditely… I have never experienced something shift my mood so fast.”

Ahmad Shadid, Jordan
"I loved Leonie's program. I got over my social media phobia, launched my online course that was sitting inactive for over a year and made almost €20.000 from it."

- Vanya, UK
With Klemen's guidance my energy increased and I started sleeping better the first week already, before I even did the first training. 
Klemen's work has enabled me to start living and breathing vibrant energy. 

Klarinus, The Netherlands
This training includes practical steps and spiritual principals to guide you in:
💗 Being guided on your mission

💗 Actually reaching all of your goals

💗  Staying connected and naturally motivated throughout the year

💗 Experience unexpected bursts of inspiration and joy

💗 Being in your zone of genius- continuously create your life’s work- doing what matters most

💗 Forgetting to (over)check your social media

💗 Feeling like the universe “has your back”

💗 Having unexpected opportunities, connections & possibilities open up to accelerate achieving your goals

💗 Looking back with goosebumps realizing you’ve accomplished exactly what you intended

💗 Spend epic time with friends 

💗 Get in the greatest shape of your life

💗 Continuously learn & grow from your favorite teachers

What people say:
Everytime I don't feel connected to myself I listen to Klemen's training and it puts me into a different vibrancy straight away! It relaxes me incredibly. Thanks so much, keep up the great work! 

Agni, Slovenia
"Because of Leonie, I feel more empowered, relaxed, juicy and honest with myself and others."

- Tanja, Denmark
“Klemen’s presence and enthusiasm has boosted my productivity and enabled me to get on top of my game.” 
Roald, The Netherlands
#1 we’re funny. Yup, very, very funny :) and we bring amazing energy to our videos .

#2 we won’t just help you set goals, but consistently tap into your highest guidance.

#3 we don’t believe in struggle- we believe you can move forward with ease, joy and excitement. In fact that’s when you move forward. You do need to get thing done, but struggle and effort is not required :) think of it as your favorite sport- yes you need to move our body, but it’s fun.

#4 Our approach is integral- you won’t just be setting business goals (although that’s definitely an important part of it). We’ll help you design an awesome year in al aspects- get into the best shape of your life physically, spirituality, emotionally, in your love life, career, social life, adventures and more.

#5 We believe you can have it all- we won’t put any restraints on what you can achieve, share any bullsh*t limiting beliefs or judgements about anything with you. You life is your creation.

#6 We’re LIVING these teachings- we’ve used these techniques to grow our business 300%, massively increase our following, revenue, love connection, fitness and more in the last year alone. We know this stuff works from first-hand experience and from the experience of our students.

- If you believe you can have it all
- You’re open for the idea of achieving goals being easy
- You’re more committed to opening up and showing up than to avoiding and sabotaging the process
- You’d love to up the the Universe’s guidance (with other words letting your “intuition”, “higher-power” or “God”- call it whatever you want- guide you) and feel it’s continuous support .

Nope. We want people in this program that go all in. Just like the year 2019 is never coming back, once you sign up there is no looking back, only forward. We know this stuff works. We’ve tested it time and time again. So decided we won’t offer it this time. When you joins us, you’re IN for the ride. Let your best year ever unfold. 
"This stuff works like MAGIC."
Klarinus, Business Coach & Analyst, The Netherlands

Ease, prosperity and abundance is your natural destiny.
It’s time to start living it.